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Thursdays at 7am for breakfast except first Thursday of month which is 6pm for dinner
Remuera Golf Club
PO Box 87175, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742
120 Abbotts Way, Remuera
Auckland,  1702, New Zealand
Phone: Secretary, Alex 021 571722

It doesn’t matter where you live as our members come from throughout the Auckland region to listen to stimulating speakers addressing business, political and social issues. Naturally you’ll network and socialise with others from a wide variety of vocational backgrounds, so it’s a great way to meet new people and an effective way of staying in touch with the community and world you live in. We are not your usual Rotary club; expect occasionally, the unexpected.

Upcoming Speakers
Chloe Swarbrick & Paul Goldsmith
Jun 04, 2020 7:00 PM
After Covid 19
As individuals, it is sometimes difficult to affect change, fundraise or be noticed. But the cumulative capacity of Rotarians working together makes Rotary very powerful.
Members are all part of working committees that meet on a monthly basis to plan and undertake Club projects. The committees work to support youth, local community, national, international, vocational and environmental causes.
  • Supporting and assisting your community
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Making an impact on humanitarian issues
  • Developing relationships with your community and other business leaders
We are always welcoming new members, people wanting to volunteer to help with our projects or support us in some other way. Maybe you just want to learn more about Rotary. If you are interested, please join us for a meeting and experience our club. No pressure, no obligation. You’ll be most welcome.  To find out more about us click on 'About Us' in the Menu bar.
Welcome. Whether you are early in your career or more experienced, we are a group diverse across backgrounds and cultures joined together with a passion for community service and friendship.  Aside from regular meetings we are incredibly effective in undertaking meaningful community projects and have a big emphasis on providing regular opportunities for involving members, partners, family and friends in all we do including socials.
If you are curious about us, contact us for a friendly, no obligation chat.  
Latest News
Thank you Rotary Club of St Johns for your generosity. As announced at our meeting last week, members donated $460 to the Glen Innes Foodbank, which as a Club we agreed to top up to $1,000 for New World Stonefields to further supply stock.
We are delighted to advise that once again New World Stonefields are matching our donation!
So, GI Foodbank has access to a further $2,000 to keep stocks up. Heartfelt thanks to Graham Fabian who continues to liaise with the Foodbank to provide this stock at cost and transport to them free of charge!  
Just to recap - GI Foodbank were recently, and very sadly, advised that they had lost their usual funding source. RCSJ quickly rolled out a plan of action to ensure our local Foodbank remains open and stocked in order to cater for a predictable surge of families needing them.
To date our response to GI Foodbank 'Feed the Need' has been:
  • $2K grocery/stock donated at cost, free delivery on 5 May
  • $2K grocery/stock donated at cost, free delivery (as of 21st May), order in progress
  • 1 x boot-load of member donated grocery/stock delivered to Foodbank early May
  • 1 x Foodbank Collection at New World Stonefields ‘ready to roll’ as soon as we move to Level 1 (usual collection provides 120+ boxes of stock which overfills the Foodbank)
  • due to the publicity, in the wings there is a potential collection via Remuera Rotary Club at New World Remuera
Many thanks to the Glen Innes CAB for keeping us in the loop on the Foodbank needs.  At our Project Re-Boot meeting last week, membership agreed to make our local Foodbank a top project priority as there is every sign that the economic situation will continue to impact many in our community.
St Johns Rotary has a plan ... a very great plan.  Not only have we done things well during Lockdown we have OPERATION REBOOT to propel us into the future.  Read more about this exciting future below:
The club has a plan, in fact the club has a whole list of projects lined up waiting for the Covid-19 rules to allow St Johns Rotary members and volunteers to do what we do best - help those needing a hand up. The first project "off-the-rank", when we are able to gather, is to assist the GI Food Bank where the demand by families in adversity has skyrocketed. Special thanks to Stonefields New World for enabling this collection when the time comes.  In the meantime for this project we have already had a member collection of non-perishables and some dollars to purchase same.  Thanks so much.
Pictorial update from PDG Stuart Batty, Executive Director, RNZWCS Limited (Rotary New Zealand): Delivery to those living in tents as their houses have been shattered. Pictures tell a thousand words. Thank you to all those Rotary supporters assisting today’s distribution in Tonga.
Thank you St Johns Rotary. These are difficult time for sure.  We know that there are people out there suffering yet with the Lockdown it is impossible for us as Rotarians to get out and help.
There is a bright light in that our recent Golf Tournament, under the team led by David Hartstone, not only squeaked in ahead of the restrictions by the thinnest of margins but made more that previous tournaments.  Out of that outstanding success the club donated $22,316 to KidsCan, supporting their services at a time where there is extreme need.
KidsCan was feeding 34,000 children daily and now reports that with schools closed thousands of kids are going hungry.  Just ahead of the Lockdown they were able to send to send food home for the kids via the schools but while hoping to be designated an essential service they have had to suspend operations. If they are unable to feed the children in need during the Lockdown the demand for their services immediately after this is lifted will be enormous
Well done to all who participated in the St Johns Rotary Tournament, St Johns Rotary and the major sponsor Freightways.
Some of who we support