Thursdays at 7am for breakfast except first Thursday of month which is 6pm for dinner
Remuera Golf Club
PO Box 87175, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742
120 Abbotts Way, Remuera
Auckland,  1702, New Zealand
Phone: Secretary, Alex 021 571722

It doesn’t matter where you live as our members come from throughout the Auckland region to listen to stimulating speakers addressing business, political and social issues. Naturally you’ll network and socialise with others from a wide variety of vocational backgrounds, so it’s a great way to meet new people and an effective way of staying in touch with the community and world you live in. We are not your usual Rotary club; expect occasionally, the unexpected.

Upcoming Speakers
RYPEN participants
May 20, 2021 7:00 AM
Reporting back on RYPEN Leadership weekend camp
Simon Yates
May 27, 2021 6:00 PM
Jun 03, 2021 7:00 AM
As individuals, it is sometimes difficult to affect change, fundraise or be noticed. But the cumulative capacity of Rotarians working together makes Rotary very powerful.
Members are all part of working committees that meet on a monthly basis to plan and undertake Club projects. The committees work to support youth, local community, national, international, vocational and environmental causes.
Upcoming Events
  • Supporting and assisting your community
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Making an impact on humanitarian issues
  • Developing relationships with your community and other business leaders
We are always welcoming new members, people wanting to volunteer to help with our projects or support us in some other way. Maybe you just want to learn more about Rotary. If you are interested, please join us for a meeting and experience our club. No pressure, no obligation. You’ll be most welcome.  To find out more about us click on 'About Us' in the Menu bar.
Welcome. Whether you are early in your career or more experienced, we are a group diverse across backgrounds and cultures joined together with a passion for community service and friendship.  Aside from regular meetings we are incredibly effective in undertaking meaningful community projects and have a big emphasis on providing regular opportunities for involving members, partners, family and friends in all we do including socials.
If you are curious about us, contact us for a friendly, no obligation chat.  
Latest News
Thanks to the support from St Johns Rotary, Orakei Marina and  Yachting New Zealand, HAG Sailing begins this week with the first school up being St Patrick's School with 26 students taking part of this worthy project in developing young people life skills.  Here the group is shown 'the ropes' prior to getting out onto the water.  The resumption of this annual programme after 2020's Covid cancellation was most appreciated as expressed by one student: "Last year the Year 7 & 8's were unlucky since covid struck and they couldn't go sailing. Now I am most grateful to St. John's Rotary & Yachting NZ for giving my friends and I the opportunity of a lifetime. It has sparked an interest in me and to maybe pursue sailing in the future."
Some Rotary evenings are up there with the best entertainment "money can buy" and the annual debate between St John's and Auckland East Rotarys' was utterly spectacular. The St John's Rotary team presented themselves with a strong, well researched argument that over 18yos should be made to receive the C-19 vaccine ... all very serious vs Auckland East Rotary who very very entertainingly (and dressed to match) argued vaccinations were important but should not be compulsory as people can be trusted "to do the right thing ".
Pics show some of the 60 odd present socialising before a sumptuous dinner and then 'Donald T" selling Covid-curing sunbeds, the St Johns Rotary team in action, 'Mary Poppins" in full song, 'THE Doctor' supplying supplementary medical 'advice' and finally a pic of the St John's Rotary team stoically receiving the independent Adjudicators assessment before the jubilation of being declared Winners.
It could be said that the club had just had a very busy couple of weeks - well even if that was the case, that didn't stop 16 club and family members turning up yesterday, in a very pleasant Autumn morning, to assist three Auckland Council Volunteers, Nanda, Ken and Roger, (who many of our members had worked with on Motutapu Island in years gone by), to assist in preparing an area for the planting of another 600 native trees in this small but attractive reserve, situated between Apirana Ave and the main trunk railway line.   It is great fun working together to achieve so much and also very satisfying.  Ending with a coffee is a great 'reward' for a job well done.
Sam Lucas has some great news!

Yesterday marked Sarah's first day of work! You can probably imagine that we are overjoyed to see our first student stepping into the professional world! I just wanted to update you all to let you know the good news, and to say thank you for all your support that has allowed this to happen. 
St Johns Rotary sponsored three Year 12 students we sponsored to attend the two-week live-in Rotary National Science and Technology Forum which was held at Auckland University in January.  Mya and Joshua from Glendowie College, and Peter from Sacred Heart, recapped highlights of the programme and their experiences of the Forum to a recent club meeting and emphasised how much it has already helped each of them open their eyes to so many more study opportunities when they leave school at the end of this year.  
Some of who we support