Thursdays at 7am for breakfast except first Thursday of month which is 6pm for dinner
Remuera Golf Club
PO Box 87175, Meadowbank, Auckland 1742
120 Abbotts Way, Remuera
Auckland,  1702, New Zealand
Phone: Secretary, Alex 021 571722

It doesn’t matter where you live as our members come from throughout the Auckland region to listen to stimulating speakers addressing business, political and social issues. Naturally you’ll network and socialise with others from a wide variety of vocational backgrounds, so it’s a great way to meet new people and an effective way of staying in touch with the community and world you live in. We are not your usual Rotary club; expect occasionally, the unexpected.

Upcoming Speakers
Julie Lincoln
Jun 20, 2019
Nepal Doctor Update
Robyn Ingram
Jul 04, 2019
Share your Vision of the Club with new President
As individuals, it is sometimes difficult to affect change, fundraise or be noticed. But the cumulative capacity of Rotarians working together makes Rotary very powerful.
Members are all part of working committees that meet on a monthly basis to plan and undertake Club projects. The committees work to support youth, local community, national, international, vocational and environmental causes.
Upcoming Events
  • Supporting and assisting your community
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Making an impact on humanitarian issues
  • Developing relationships with your community and other business leaders
We are always welcoming new members, people wanting to volunteer to help with our projects or support us in some other way. Maybe you just want to learn more about Rotary. If you are interested, please join us for a meeting and experience our club. No pressure, no obligation. You’ll be most welcome.  To find out more about us click on 'About Us' in the Menu bar.
Welcome. Whether you are early in your career or more experienced, we are a group diverse across backgrounds and cultures joined together with a passion for community service and friendship.  Aside from regular meetings we are incredibly effective in undertaking meaningful community projects and have a big emphasis on providing regular opportunities for involving members, partners, family and friends in all we do including socials.
If you are curious about us, contact us for a friendly, no obligation chat.  
Latest News
Although this years programme is very successfully all done and dusted, the thank you letters keep rolling in and it was thought that this one was well worth sharing;
Many of our Club Members have remarked about Gonza’s glorious head of hair and suggested that he should consider a hair cut as a fundraiser (like we did for Henning).  We asked Gonza about this and really hope you enjoy reading his response…
Almost every day I receive comments for my hair, luckily most of them are very good.  Many adults tell me they do not like it and others tell me that they really like it.  What people think will not change what I think and I do not say it selfishly.
Personally, I do not like long hair on myself but in the end it's just something I can change whenever I want. There's something that nobody thinks to ask and that's “Why do you have long hair?” I do not like to talk about this because I sincerely feel that I do not need to. I think things are done more by doing than by saying.
As I said, I do not like having long hair very much, sometimes it makes me tired as it's difficult to keep it healthy. Once a month I have to spend an hour putting special cream in my hair and once a week another special cream which takes about 20 minutes.
The one thing that gives me all the energy to do it is that is that there is a young child who going through chemotherapy waiting for my hair in Argentina. It's not a problem for me because I'm lucky that my hair grows, there are people who can't, so I decided to let my hair grow and I will donate it when I get back to Argentina next January.
Thanks for sharing this story with us Gonza – what a lovely thing to be able to do!
As revealed at District Conference - a select number of members now have their new polo shirts.  
Feedback includes these comments "awesome, stylish, stunning and fetching".
This is your opportunity to join the elite and order your fabulous new club polo shirt. Make your order now so you can wear your shirt with pride at the next project. Or just wear it everywhere and prepare for the compliments!
Please advise your size (size chart below). $30 will be charged to your account.
Membership Director
The beautiful weather made for a great RYE Selection Weekend (24-26 May) held at Kokako Lodge, Hunua. Over the weekend, Kiwi applicants for our Rotary Youth Exchange programme spend time with current Inbound RYE's, ROTEX (returned Kiwi RYE's) and the RYE District Committee. The idea is to interact and get to know the applicants, tell them and their parents more about the programme and after the weekend, make the 'final' selection.
Our five Inbounds (Argentina, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France) were all there and had the important and fun job of interacting with the six applicants to get some 'peer-intel' on whether they would measure up as potential RYEs. They also got to promote their home Country and try and entice applicants to make their Country first choice.  To start the weekend, the Inbounds and Outbound applicants had a high ropes challenge. It was great to see how quickly they assisted and encouraged each other - even though they had only met 20 minutes prior to the challenge.
The only downside of the weekend was that we didn't have more applicants. If you are aware of a great all-round student who is aged between 15-18 years (at January 2020); they are still eligible to make a late application for Exchange, departing January 2020. Contact Robyn for further info.
LETs took place on Sunday and had a great attendance from clubs throughout our District.  The seminar is an excellent opportunity for upcoming Club Leaders to attend sessions aimed to assist with Strategic Planning, Publicity, Membership Retention, Projects etc.  PE Robyn attended with Gary (our club Foundation 'Guru') and Megan joined us for the afternoon sessions. St Johns was superbly represented in the presentation line-up with Rosemary contributing as part of the Public Image Awareness Panel; Ainie presented the Interact session and explained the link between RotaKids, Interact and Rotaract;  Colin presented on Public Image and Awareness, and Beryl was also in attendance as part of the hard-working event-organisation team.  Great presence all round for St Johns.
If you would like one of the fancy shirts that Gary is wearing in the photo, please contact PE Robyn.  Sizes for both men and women available.
Glen Taylor School hosted another successful Discovery programme last Thursday and Friday. A large number of specially selected students from local primary schools attended and were supported by Discovery staff and team leaders from Tamaki College.  The children were busy, engaged and enthusiastic.  Another great programme roll-out, thank you Discovery Team.
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