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Members of our club are amazing in what they contribute via Rotary as described below:
Lanaco in Auckland is the manufacturer of N95-equivalent NZ wool masks and have been incredibly generous and supportive of access to these via Rotary to the more vulnerable in our communities.
Over the last few months, they have donated 70,000 of these masks to the Fijian communities in desperate need via Rotary Fiji and you can read about this HERE
Now underway, Lanaco have donated 30,000+ masks that are being distributed to those who cannot otherwise access or afford adequate masking via Rotary in Auckland to the foodbanks of the Salvation Army, Auckland City Mission and (to a lesser extent) the Glen Innes CAB.  This Auckland initiative is being very capably organised by Gary Key, Peter Ross (the main Rotary coordinator with the Salvation Army) and Christine Fenby (President Downtown Auckland who have a close relationship with Auckland City Mission).  They are working together cooperatively to ensure best impact from this donation including publicity for Lanaco and Rotary.  Thank you!
The above picture shows the first of the donated masks being received by the Salvation Army Rotary packers at Mt Wellington foodbank.
Is the reason you joined Rotary something you can share with others and thereby encourage others to join our amazing club? 
Why not give it a go!  Sure Covid is disrupting things at the moment but even as we are somewhat curtailed there are still projects members can participate in, let alone the camaraderie of our weekly Zoom meetings.  If you have a lead and would like Beryl to help turn that into a new member, just call her on 021652802.
Hundreds of great people will be coming to the Orakei Volunteer Expo to find out more about the volunteering opportunities in their community and St Johns Rotary will be there to let them know that they can enjoy this with us.
What we need is some of our great members to be at the stand to chat about the greatness of St Johns Rotary - our people, our projects, our fun - to these prospective volunteers, sponsors or members.  The event is on Saturday 30 October from 10am to 2pm at the Auckland Netball Centre, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, St Johns (so easy to get to and loads of parking).  Colin is organising the display and what we need to be doing when there and is the person to call today 021 652 801 and say "YES - I will help" ... we need 4 people at least (2 on the stand and 2 floating handing out material and generally being visible).  All will be wearing club shirts or a hi-viz vest. 
Covid-19 issues:  The event will only happen at Level 1 so will be safe (but the date may change) for larger number of people attending and usual Covid requirements will be followed.
All our meetings are great fun, although if you want to introduce someone to Rotary but are hesitant to do so until “the time is right”, because you want them to have an extra special first experience, then that extra special opportunity is coming soon.
Everyone enjoys a great, motivational speaker … who lifts our mood, so we feel great!  Along with that, if the atmosphere of the occasion is vibrant, your guest will feel included and enjoy themselves.
Our combined meeting with Remuera Rotary on Monday 30 August is the perfect time to bring along someone to learn a little about Rotary, and to meet fellow Rotarians.  This will be a popular gathering with many in attendance where they can chat with others over a drink and a meal and be inspired by a top-rated motivational speaker … Allie Mooney.
So how about it?  Ask your potential member if they would like to come, and RSVP as detailed below: 
Monday 30 August at 5.30pm
Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Road, Epsom
$25 pp
RSVP to robyn.ingram@outlook.com by Tuesday 17 August
Allie Mooney about “Pressing the Right Buttons”
After this initial introduction to Rotary, then get them along to our Quiz Night on Friday 24 September, or to a St Johns Rotary club meeting as a follow up (remember that their first Rotary meeting meal is complimentary for prospective members, as they are hosted by our club).  
We have been teamed up with RC Howick and have agreed to try to provide packing Volunteers on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
9am – 12 noon
Mt Wellington
18 Allright Place
Please let Robyn or Murray know if you are able to assist.
Email:  robyn.ingram@outlook.com or murrayh1@orcon.net.nz
St Johns Bush is a remnant of coastal forest that was saved from developers and has since been restored and maintained in the heart of our community.  It really is a gem and a very relaxing place to visit. The club has had some considerable past involvement here, but not in recent times.
Times have changed and so has how RLI is being delivered. RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute) is back!  This learning programme is designed to educate and enthuse any Rotarians and Rotaractors who would like to learn more about Rotary, develop an understanding of the leadership and other opportunities Rotary offers, and build connections with other Rotarians from across Auckland and north (Districts 9910 and 9920).
We have redeveloped the RLI programme to enable different styles of learning and reduce the face to face time commitment while still delivering informative and engaging interactive sessions. Whether you are new to Rotary or Rotaract, new to your current club role or just want to get up to date, there is something for you.  Go to HERE for more details. The new RLI format meets these needs to create an incredibly effective programme. If you are interested please contact Beryl ASAP - the club pays the fee
Let the fun begin!  It doesn't get much better than this.  A great night of fellowship, a great night of rugby, (potentially) and a great opportunity to raise some funds for "doing good in the community" .
The Japanese expression "shinrin-yoku" means "forest bathing" and captures the joy and benefits of immersing oneself in green activities from just walking in nature to doing what these members did so ably ... shovel mulch to continue to create that wonderfully relaxing beautiful space all can enjoy in Apirana Reserve, Glen Innes.  The fresh air, the physical exercise, the cameraderie, the chatter and finally, the intense satisfaction of achievement.  There is nothing quite like it.
Some of who we support