Apr 22, 2021 7:00 AM
Phil Fry - Orakei RSA Service Member
Commemorating ANZAC Day - A Snake Boat out of Hong Kong

Phil Fry is an RSA Service Member at Orakei and is also a member of the Officers Club of Auckland and of the New Zealand Military Historical Society Inc.

He will share the story of the World War Two, 1943 escape of his wife and her family from the Japanese invaders occupying Hong Kong. Their New Zealand husband and father, engineered his family’s escape through China.

This is a true New Zealand story of aggression, hardship, love and dedication. 

Breakfast fee will be $25 - with the additional $5 collected from each breakfast to be donated to Orakei RSA.  Guests welcome, but must RVSP to Club Service: robyn.ingram@outlook.com