Posted by Allan Smith - President Elect
“Action of Choice” reflects what Rotary is all about and as members of a great Rotary club I was somewhat surprised at the lack of willingness to be involved in the management of the club. For those who have indicated their willingness to take on a role we thank you. 😊
Often, I hear from members that there appears to be a divide between the old members and the new. I can understand that but by being involved it can help breakdown this divide. Since I have been involved on the Board I have felt a compelling understanding of what Rotary is about and how we can be an important part of the community. Great friendships also develop.
We appreciate that members belong for many reasons both socially and project community actions locally and internationally. However, Robyn and I need help to finalise the team to support the club over the next 12 months / 2 years.
What we need help with are the following:
  • Management of the Bulletin (2 x person/s makes this job easier and Robyn will assist)
  • Website / Facebook management
  • Social fellowship
  • Special Projects convenor
These are important to the club functioning well and if you can assist please give me a ring.
President Elect
021 959 397