We have an active club events programme coming up and we know you will fully support this, but sometimes we want more ... so, are you needing to further spice up your social life or just get out and do something new and exciting? 
There is a solution!
All the Events below are open for you to take part in, and you can take your significant other, family, friends neighbours along with you as well if you wish.  As a Rotarian you do not need club ‘permission’ to go … just go and have fun, meet a whole lot of new people you have a lot in common with, and add that immense value to your Rotary membership.
Click on "Read More" below, then simply click on the picture, to go to more information about the event.  In most cases you could not get to go out to events like these for double or three times the price so huge value-for-money and your time spent.
These do not include St Johns Rotary activities – go to the club Events Calendar for those.  Nearest event on top.  At present these range from an Indian-themed 3-course dinner to stargazing to a family cycling event (no harbour bridge riding involved):
29 October 2021
Ride the trains for Polio