Every one of us as a member can help grow our club.  It is easy but you do need to do some simple things.
On Saturday 8 February the club started a series of posts on the club Facebook page that shows the practical benefits of becoming a member using non-Rotary language.  Please share these messages onto your own Facebook page.  Please also give some thought as to who you could invite to one of our meetings.  Often we are reluctant because we think these people will be pressured in some way ... not so.  People can come along to look and experience a meeting with no expectation they have to take their look any further. 
If you would like our club Membership Director, Donald Bowie, to help you invite people or to chat to someone who may be interested, please call him on 0274 752 473 / donald.bowie.dbc@gmail.com
If you see a visitor at a meeting please make sure they have the best possible St Johns Rotary experience by making sure they are well looked after.