It could be said that the club had just had a very busy couple of weeks - well even if that was the case, that didn't stop 16 club and family members turning up yesterday, in a very pleasant Autumn morning, to assist three Auckland Council Volunteers, Nanda, Ken and Roger, (who many of our members had worked with on Motutapu Island in years gone by), to assist in preparing an area for the planting of another 600 native trees in this small but attractive reserve, situated between Apirana Ave and the main trunk railway line.   It is great fun working together to achieve so much and also very satisfying.  Ending with a coffee is a great 'reward' for a job well done.
The following letter of thanks for the efforts of the working bee at the Apirana Reserve was received by Peter B.
Hi Peter,
Just to say a heartfelt thanks and a huge kudos to your  ' lumberjack '  team at St Johns Rotary.  We're quite overwhelmed at the amount of work done this morning  -  something that would have taken the 3 of us a month of Sundays to achieve.  The absolute willingness of all to just get on and do the job was extremely impressive, and we saw it as a total team effort.  After you left Peter I had to take another look just to make sure that the image of the clearance in my mind was not just a figment of my imagination !
As mentioned to you we still have a little more to clear, the piles of rubbish have to be removed with Council help, and over the next months we will prepare for our planting in mid July.  We will over that time be putting as much pressure to bear on Council to remove the willows that are causing problems with the sooty mould, we will be monitoring the stream for life, chemical wastes , pH., etc., and at the same time ensuring that the weeding is kept up on last year's planting.  We are also very keen to know if the contact with Kiwi Rail can pull any strings as regards the rubbish that has been dumped.
We certainly will be keeping you up to date with what is happening at the reserve, and hope that your members will visit anytime they pass.   But only if they pull out a couple of weeds !  If you would kindly pass this email to all who helped today.  It was a pleasure to meet them all, we think they're marvelous, and it has given the three of us a real burst of enthusiasm to continue to make the reserve an oasis that all can enjoy.
Nanda, Roger and Ken