A very busy day. Thanks to Rotarian and RNZWCS Fiji  ERKs Manager Bob Niranjan for coordinating the Rotary effort in Fiji with Rotarians, the NDMO and MFAT NZHC, as at the same time we in New Zealand were simultaneously coordinating the effort with MFAT in Wellington. The end result:
  • 420 Rotary Emergency Response Kits, as requested by  Fiji National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) have been released.
  • NDMO have arranged for Govt. personnel i.e. Military personnel etc. to ship to Kadavu and Lau with delivery being made by road by Rotary from Suva and  Lautoka store to wharf in Suva. Central and Western Divisions to be undertaken by Rotary. NDMO requested the ERKs for the communities of  Kadavu 140,  Lau 110,  Western Division 85,  Central Division 85.  Every household who have suffered damage will receive a kit.
Further requests for additional ERKs anticipated.