Glendowie College has a large and engaged group of students participating in Interact and many initiatives have been completed in 2019 under the leadership of the team of year 12 students.
Fundraising started with the Easter egg initiative.  Students at the college are encouraged to buy chocolate bunnies or eggs to send to their fellow students, friends, siblings or favourite teachers with a note attached.  These were all “delivered” to form classes on the last day of term one.
The student body really enjoys this initiative and this year we sold more than 1,000 items raising an amazing six hundred dollars for Starship Children's Hospital.
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In Term 2 Interact President, Nina Harding, attend a rotary meeting and met Alexia Hilbertidou, the founder of Girl Boss NZ.  Interact then arranged for Alexia to come into the school and speak to all 1,300 students as well as run some very beneficial workshops for a lucky cohort of 70 students.
Daffodil Day at the College was hosted by Interact in Term 3 and our focus was fundraising for The Cancer Society. Many students and staff bought daffodil pins, or a raffle ticket for our basket of donated sweet goodies.  We raised $250 dollars for the Cancer Society in just under a week!
Term Four was elections and the new team will be;
  • Caitlin Jones, President,
  • Robbie Bass, Vice President,
  • Annika Smart, Communications,
  • Molly Maddill, Secretary, and 
  • Holly Harding, Treasurer
Thank you to the Rotary Club of St John’s for supporting the Glendowie College Interact Club and assisting our students to improve their leadership skills, as well as run fundraising for worth causes in our broader community.
Thank you
Nina Harding, President Interact, 2019