Our "Have A Go!" Sailing Program continues with Glen Innes School and we have been fortunate to have Gavin Gilmer assisting us deliver this amazing program. Here is an account of the day with Glen Innes School by Gavin.
The group was supported by Aimie (one of their teachers)throughout the two days , however the principal Jono and the deputy were there on the first day. The training was conducted by Reuben from Yachting NZ.
The kids were very apprehensive and cautious of the water but after Reuben told them about the importance of wearing life jackets they felt more confident . They were taught about the basic parts of the Oppie and showed how to rig them. This was also tested on the second day to see what they remembered.
They were paired up into two kids an Oppie and instructed on three particular sail settings and basic wind direction
After sailing in the shelter of the marina they were showed how to right the yachts after capsizing them.This exercise soon became a favourite as they (students)requested to do this on the second day as well.
Venturing into the channel was daunting as the water was a lot rougher , but many of them wanted to do it again on the second day.
I believe that the day made them realise that although there was the beautiful ocean , it had to be respected at all times and that personal safety was number one by donning on life jackets even before rigging their boats.
Although there were some who were a little concerned after the two days , many of them walked away feeling a sense of achievement and we're definitely going to tell their parents and friends about their experience. The presentation of certificates was the cherry on the top !
I was personally touched by the kids enthusiasm and was thanked by each one.
I mentioned it was a Rotary initiative and was invited to visit their school at a later date.
Something that I would definitely follow up on.
I will be involved in the second school ,Tamaki, next week on Monday and Wednesday.
PS just for the record , I could not fit into the Oppie, and used a second RIB to assist.Thanks to the kind support of the Akarana Yacht Club.