This week was a really busy week and also the last week in year 11 at school (Thursday was my last day). I had Scouts twice this week - Monday night I helped to lead little Scouts and Wednesday I went with the Ventures on a hiking trip around the beautiful Cornwall Park.
On Saturday I helped my family to sneakily cut our friendly neighbours big hedge and we also cleaned up the garden. 
In the evening Tony's (my Dad) sister came with her family with her family around to celebrate Guy Fawkes. We had a lot of fun being naughty, holding fireworks and shooting them at “Guy”, to light him on fire.
On Sunday I left home at 9:30am to go with the Inbounds, Outbounds and Rotex to Bethels Beach, to do the Hillary Walk. It was sooo hot, I got my first “NZ” sun burn! After the 2-3 hour  walk we drove to  a berry farm to fresh natural ice cream. So tasty! In the evening I went with my parents to my second host family (Blair and Heather Peach) for a BBQ. Heather's mum and Rosemary also came around to eat a really good dinner. It was such a busy weekend, that tomorrow I will relax more.
In two weeks I will go for three weeks on the South Island Tour with District 9920 and District 9910 and from the 28th Dec to the 7th Jan I will go on a Scoutcamp, a Jamboree in Renwick (top of the South Island).
Cheers and see you Henning
Henning's Fact for the week:
60% of YouTube's 1,000 most popular videos are blocked in Germany.
Henning's phrase for the week:
There is no reason not to be motivated. You cannot always be the best. But you can do your best.
(Sebastian Vettel; four-time Formula One World Champion)