From an email...
Hello,  My name is Jessie Alison and I was the recipient of the Peter McKenzie Scholarship via Glendowie College in 2007.  Being a decade ago now, I thought to write and keep you updated!  The Scholarship went towards my first year of studies at the University of Auckland in 2008 where I studied Commerce.  After this, I took a few years off studies and for personal reasons moved to Whangarei, Northland. 
Over the years I have been working full time at a Chartered Accountancy firm in Whangarei whilst also studying part-time by correspondence via Massey University to complete my degree.  Having obtained my a Bachelor of Accountancy mid-way through 2015, I have now, earlier this year, also completed my post-graduate Chartered Accountancy qualification - I am now a Chartered Accountant.  Usually people obtain their University degrees as full time students, before moving into the workforce and spending 3+years obtaining the required practical experience before proceeding to the CA modules and qualification.  Whilst I have taken an unorthodox route on my "road to becoming a CA" in retrospect I wouldn't have done this any other way.  The work I completed over the years at my firm provided more than enough practical experience to be signed off as a CA as soon as I finished the modules.  In addition I was able to learn early on how much I actually enjoy working as an accountant - I hear a lot of horror stories of people completing their degrees, finding a job and then realising they aren't happy in their profession!  That I received a Scholarship from you to continue in my Commerce studies definitely helped shape my goals and ensured I ended up in the role I am today.  Thank you again, for the support and I hope other winners of the Scholarship end up as successful and happy in their professions as I am.  
Kind Regards
Jessie Alison CA