The following story was published in last weeks Bulletin, but as this is such an important one for all members, it is herewith repeated to ensure as many members as possible are reminded of these matters - Thanks.
RSVP Etiquette - Just a friendly reminder that it is handy to receive your Apologies (with a brief reason) if you are not able to make a meeting. This gives Club Services and Membership Team valuable intel for follow-up on wellbeing, catering (do we need more eggs...), and speaker planning.  
Please remember, if you receive an RSVP email from us (particularly for our popular evening meetings), please respond Yes or No. A non-response doesn't necessarily mean 'No', so we often follow-up (sometimes twice more) to find out your intentions, ensuring we are not embarrassed by running out of food or seating. That follow-up creates quite a bit of extra work for our volunteers!
Meeting Responsibilities - Making our meetings and meeting-space welcoming each week requires background work aka Meeting Responsibilities. If you are assigned a Meeting Responsibility and are not sure what this entails - please ask your Rotary Buddy, or click onto this helpful Meeting Responsibilities Info Sheet link.
If you are unable to do the assigned job, as a responsible member of the Club you are expected to negotiate with another member to cover for you. Simply ignoring the assigned 'responsibility' is rather mean spirited and not 'fair to all concerned'. Most of the duties are really easy (e.g. Greeter! What's easier than welcoming everyone at the door as they arrive?) Any queries onMeeting Responsibilities, please contact Club Services - Robyn.