Where does one start!!!
A great meeting, excellent fellowship, a very good example of Rotary at work and, of course, the forum for the "Great Debate", held annually between the Rotary Club of Auckland East and the St. Johns Rotary Club.
President Hugh, with only minor technical issues to deal with this week, welcomed the attendees made up of 30 RCSJ members and 12 RCSJ partner / guests; plus 24 RC Auckland East members and guests.  A special welcome was also extended to RC Auckland East President is Kay Flower., who was under the impression that Auckland East would be walking away with the trophy this year?????

Prior to the Debate beginning President Hugh shared a few club notices, which are covered off in detail separately in this Bulletin.
The annual debate is normally one of the highlights of the club's year and this year, hosted by St Johns, was no exception.
Murray H. had the responsibility of introducing the Adjudicator, who this year was well known Auckland Rotarian, Greg Moyle.  Greg has adjudicated many a debate and District Quiz nights and it was keenly expected that,  despite the lack of any bribes or corruption, St Johns Rotary were in line for another win.  After a few rules had been shared with both teams, which were immediately ignored, the teams were introduced;
Auckland East;
The Don - Derek Bond
Desley Simpson - better known as Mary Poppins
MD Nicola Barker - aka the Doc
St, Johns:
Mr Serious - Brian Fergus
Mr Corner Store - the big G aka Graham Fabian
Honest Miles the plumber - Miles C
The moot was; "Make Covid Vaccinations Compulsory for Everyone over 18", with St. Johns starting first speaking for the affirmative.
During the course of the debate there were many wild statements made by both teams with many bordering on being libellous, accordingly it would be inappropriate  to record in detail the arguments tabled, but without identifying who said what the following are a taste of what was said;
"Covid is nothing but a conspiracy and a platform for witch craft and voodo"
"If you don't take the shot you should be shot"
"Make the borders tighter than a ducks ,,,,"
"Lock 'em up"
"Do you really want to live in a nanny state with a talking horse leading you by the nose"
"Just like the Rotary Four Way Test - Is it the right thing to do"
"Follow the science - 5G no longer is spreading Covid"
"The vaccine is not a vehicle to inject the population with a micro-chip" 
"Although our team have all submitted strong arguments, we don't believe what we have said"
Prior to announcing his decision the adjudicator made a few comments, some of which were;
"Some of the comments were relevant, many were completely irrelevant"
"Auckland East were by far the most entertaining"  "Entertaining yes, but totally irrelevant"
"The star of the show was Mary (Desley) Poppins"
"St. Johns were very boring and serious, however many of their arguments gave body to their position"
"St. Johns were more persuasive  while Auckland East were entertaining, but confused"
and ...
"On Balance of probabilities, despite no bribes, Team St. Johns are the winners"
A big well done and thanks to both teams, the adjudicator and the very supportive audience.