Namrata means kindness and politeness.
I have been a Rotarian since 2015 and been involved with different projects such as organising speakers for our club over 1.5 years and volunteer for hospice garage sale.
Recently helped with interviewing 2018 RYLA candidates sponsored by our club.
A little about me - I work as an Alcohol and other drug counselor for, Community Alcohol & Drug Services, (CADS).  I have been with CADS for the last 5 years. 
In my free time I read books and play the saxophone.  I enjoy travelling to a different country every year and exploring beautiful New Zealand.
The attached picture includes my mom, my older brother and his family and my older sister who I live with. 
We as a club already focus on local projects and I would want it to keep focusing on our local communities and joining with other clubs for more interaction and joint ventures.