Our wonderful Rotary food-parcel packing organisers advise the Salvation Army now have a new distribution centre in Mt Wellington where the majority of food-parcel packing will 'eventually' take place.
The first 'trial' packing with Rotary Volunteers at Mt Wellington will be on Wednesday 14 April, where Rotary Teamleaders and volunteers will have the opportunity to work out how our 'volunteer power' can be best utilised at the new Mt Wellington venue. Any volunteers available for the usual 9:30am-2pm ish timeframe on this date, who are happy to help please click here to email Robyn.
Robyn was delighted to report that we had an excellent 'extra' packing session last week, combining with our friends from RC Newmarket. As usual we all worked so efficiently, we ran out of the stock variety needed to pack and were asked to stop early. Here we are standing in front of the boxes packed last week: