Our very own Mr. Community, Community Director Miles Cain had a big Community Rotary day last Friday, planting out the garden outside the Glen Innes Citizen Advice Bureau, with Nandina shrubs that he had purchased the day before at the Kings Plant Barn sale. 
Miles led a small group of St Johns volunteers last December to prepare the very overgrown garden for the big "Plant-Out", day.  He also donated a hose with fittings so there will be no excuse for the CAB staff not to water, although they have been let off the hook today!
While at the CAB Miles also caught up with Manager Patsy who was able to show Miles how much of the Christmas Food Bank Collection was still remaining.  About 1/3rd of the collection was still available to be donated following the massive collection by St Johns Rotary last December in-conjunction with New World Lunn Ave.
Pictured below is a "before" and "after" planting, Miles proudly inspecting the great job, and the last picture is of Patsy with the remains of the 2018 Christmas collection.