Letter from planting volunteer:
What attracted me to volunteer was the ideal of some fresh air with a day in the country and the bonus was that I would do this with such fun people from your club ... your reputation precedes you and I was not disappointed.
Heading off to the site the spirit was evident with Garry striking up a rousing rendition if "the wheels on the bus go round and round".  Well they did until the wheel fell off in the fast lane at Takanini.  It was just as well we had 47 people on the 30 seat bus so we had plenty of help pushing it to the side of the motorway.
We didn't need the AA because 'Mcguiver' Steele patched us up in no time and we were off again ... Garry stood silently at the back for the rest of the ride.  Towards the end it got a bit hot but the driver was understanding and let some of us hang out the doors to cool off.
It started to rain as we arrived and those without gumboots wished they had brought them but we all looked the same quite quickly as the mud was calf deep.
The younger members gave up on the rice planting technique quite early, brought about as the flood waters rose and Michelle insisted on forming a line to pass the 10,001 plants to higher ground.   At least the ground was easy to dig holes in and we did not have to water them after. 
Then it was BBQ time which was very welcome although Christpy discovered starting a fire with wet wood using petrol is not that easy.  His hair will grow back in time.
We did loose Murry who hasn't been seen since heading off to buy more beers.   He should have taken the bus.  We did get back eventually after the bus swiped a bank but the brakes worked when we left and with such an old bus something is bound to go wrong.
So all was fantastic and I will be back for your sailing day.
See you next time,
Joe K
ED:  on a more serious note we are always welcoming of volunteers to help us at our projects.