District 9920 Change Over - extract from club Bulletin, written by President Graham

Peter and Angela Walsh, Peter Buchanan, Margaret Voyce, Colin and Beryl Robinson, and I attended the District 9920 change over at the Howick Club on Saturday 1-7-23.
DG Allan and Sue awarded several trophies for various achievements by clubs and individuals during his presidential year and handed over to our new District Governor Vaneeta Nand who is from the Suva Rotary Club in Fiji.
The slogan for this 2024 Rotary Year is “Create hope in the world”. We saw a video from Rotary International President Gordon McInally, and he is focusing on mental health. He referred to initiatives already started by Cat Levine here in New Zealand (having received a Rotary Grant) and is already proving to be very successful. She also gave a presentation about the initiative entitled “Think and be me”.

Our Club was awarded the Environmental Trophy for 2023.  Peter Buchanan was awarded a PHF for his contribution to the environment and Peter Walsh was also awarded a PHF sapphire for his services to the district newsletter and a trophy for the bulletin.
Ainie was awarded a PHF+3 for her work with RYPEN and INTERACT. Sue Smith was awarded a PHF for her services to ROMAC.