Many of us will be following the team via posts from Miles on Journi and Ainie's posts on Facebook.  Miles reports they all arrived safely and their accommodation is at Club Magnolia.  Mornings start gently with Tai Chi at 7:15am led by Hunter (one of the team members).  Miles stated they are all “an uncoordinated bunch of misfits”.  Breakfast follows at 7:30am and then a bus takes them 30 minutes to get to the build site (with a stop on the way to buy fresh bananas).  Safety boots for locals are jandals or bare feet, whereas Team Habitat has standard issue closed footwear.
Each day the bus to the site crosses Vrishabhavathi River and has emerged as a severe environmental issue.  The polluted river water is used extensively for agricultural activities.  The stench from the pungent river is indescribable.  Fortunately, the build site is far enough away that the team don’t smell it.
This is a photograph posted on Facebook by Ainie with the caption:  Smiles all around after a very hot humid day of carrying blocks, more cement, pounding the ground for flooring prep. House #2 is taking its shape for Rathnamma and her children.
Additional photos:
Digging out footings on House 2
House 2 reaches top beam height on Day 4.