For those of us interested in hearing the progress of our Club’s initiative we spoke about at the evening meeting, the club will be hosting some of the most brilliant intelligent members from all walks of Auckland and beyond for the Taveuni Trivia Night on 1 March 2018 at Glen Taylor School, West Tamaki Road. If you have not purchased your ticket, I suggest you do so quickly as we are inviting friends and members from other districts to join us on the evening.
The funds raised will be targeted for the refurbishment of one of the burnout building at Waiveyo Hospital. This building will be refurbished and converted to a 5bedroom unit for expectant mothers and family that would otherwise have to endure long bumpy roads to the island’s only hospital.
The building will also be used for visiting doctors and surgeons supporting the Taveuni Eye Project and other health programs.
Waiyevo Hospital is a small wooden basic general hospital with a 32 beds and 5 wards. The hospital is run by a 2 doctor team with surgeons and other medical specialists visiting the hospitals from time to time. Serious cases where advanced medical treatment is required, patients are airlifted to the nearest main hospital in the island of Fiji.
Ground work for the refurbishment of the Waiyevo Hospital has started with trusses being build offsite and timber have been ordered and ready for shipment next month when funds are available. The building will be waterblasted this week by team managed by Geoffrey Amos, Rotary Club of Taveuni.
As a Club, we are committed to help Geoff and the Rotary Club of Taveuni raised enough money to complete critical projects that is being undertaken by the villagers.