Emma, Ben, Sam and Ollie provided us with an energetic update on their fund raising efforts and preparation for the first ever “Rescue Run”.  This scarily energetic event will take place on November 19 at Woodhill Forest and is a new and exciting fundraiser for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter.
They explained (with relish) how the event will involve teams of six (and each team must have at least two women) who will work their way through a 15km course of simulated disaster zones.  Using GPS, teams will track and rescue a team member lost in the forest; be required to perform emergency medical procedures; must overcome a variety of team challenges and obstacles and must also navigate through a series of simulated disaster zones.
The whole event is estimated to take from 4-6 hours with teams able to win points based on the time it takes them to work through a zone and how well the team works together through the obstacles.  The zones are enticingly labelled: Flood Zone, Patient Zone, Earthquake Zone, Massive Motorway Car Pile Up and the Mud Slide. 
Entry to the event is $2,500 and teams must also pledge to raise $5,000 for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter.  The team (all previous Rotary Youth Leadership Awardees - RYLAians) are working on various fundraisers to build up their pledge money.  Ben told us how he raised $1400 with torturous Stair-climbing at his place of work (Middlemore Hospital) where he reportedly spent 11 hours and 12 minutes climbing 14,000 stairs!  Emma reminded us of three Raffles the Team also have going (worth $900 each) with great prizes.  
You can donate to them via their Everyday Hero page and also get more details of their Raffles. See rescuerun.everydayhero.com and you can also learn more about the event at www.rescuerun.org.nz  look forward to their energetic updates.