We are the greatest!  People are flocking to our membership because of this but there is more to our club than that.  We WANT people just to know more about us because, yes we like new members, but also YES we like people to support our projects by taking part, to be sponsors and to refer others to us.
You can help very easily!  Really, it is so easy.
First you 'Like' our club Facebook page - even if you have Facebook and don't use it much / at all.  To do this click on the big blue " f " to the left.
Second, as you see posts from the club - and they will be interesting - you can 'Share' these (the 'Share' is at the bottom of each post) and, this is important, if you can just add your own personal 'take' or thoughts about the post to the top - all will be obvious when you do this.
In Sharing you are telling a whole new bunch of people about our club and because the Share comes from you, they will read it because the trust YOU.