President's Message
“Things are Changing”
This was a definite response from the workshop held last Thursday where 30 members discussed quite openly what they would like to see introduced over the next 12 months. There were open views from both new members and those members from the past who wish to see the reintroduction of elements from the past. I invite you all to read through the notes from the meeting (inserted below), and I would encourage you to send me your thoughts if you were not able to attend on the day.  Some notable comments included:
  • Not a speaker every meeting
  • Lets hear from our members
  • Put a strong emphasis on our evening meeting with a well known guest and lets also invite other clubs to come along
  • Local projects that require manpower and not costs
  • Lets find out what the community wants
These are only a few random views and yet play an important part in providing a refresh to what Rotary St Johns is well know for. The most irreverent club and has lots of fun.
This coming week the speaker is Andrew Poole – Rotoroa Is. and this is a project that has provided a fantastic Sanctuary in the Gulf, a new nature reserve plus education centre. This project was supported through a private fund over many years but has had a fantastic outcome for all to share.
It is unfortunate that I cannot be there and Peter Buchanan has kindly stepped in to assist me.
Kindest regards
President – Rotary St Johns
021 959 397
Meet your new St. Johns Rotary Board
Peter Buchanan / Immediate Past President
My first contact with St Johns Rotary was in 2013 when I hosted a club vocational visit at my work place organised by David Stone; I subsequently joined Rotary in Oct 2013.  In 2014/15, I prepared the Bulletin (pre-Clubrunner), and was president 2017/18.
Outside Rotary, I am a research scientist, employed by Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research to study NZ's biodiversity, especially NZ's fungi. My research interests thus include biodiversity, biosecurity, and conservation. Roseanne and I have 2 children, and live in Epsom. I am keen on classic yacht sailing, travel, jazz music, awareness-raising about conservation, climate change, and fungi, science education, and humanitarian assistance. 
In the coming Rotary year, I plan to contribute especially to the Science & Environment Committee led by Nick, including restoration work on Motutapu Is. and coordinating at District level the science education initiatives of the Eureka competition and the National Science Forum.  I also hope to contribute to fund-raising through piloting public engagement in a game using a smart phone app - similar to the Ramble event organised by Rotary in Perth, WA. 
Robyn Ingram / Membership Director and President Elect
I have been a member of St Johns Rotary since November 2013. In the last 4.5 years I have been;  Sergeant 2015-16, Youth Director 2017-18 and in the current Rotary year, Membership Director and President Elect.
My Key Interests outside Rotary are my work as Clinic Administrator for a specialist APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), Family and supporting / nurturing Youth.
As Membership Director, what would I like to achieve for St Johns Rotary over the next 12 months is to freshen up our membership communications and actively engage with current and new members to look at and act on ways to keep meeting attendance high and vibrant. At District level I will be the new Inbound Coordinator for our Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) District Committee, so will be actively working with this year’s Inbounds and generally promoting RYE. I also look forward to working closely with President-Allan as his President Elect.
Brian Fergus / Club Services Director
I have been a member of Rotary and our club since 2016 and held the position of Club Services Director last year as well as for the new Rotary year.    Outside of Rotary my interests revolve around
This year I would like to see the Club do more local community activities.
Gary Key / Rotary Foundation Director
I joined St Johns Rotary in Dec 1992, nearly 26 years ago and I haven't changed at all!  During this time I have held a variety of Board Positions.  My key interests outside Rotary include, Travel, Sailing and Rugby.
Over the next 12 months I would like to see all members being proactive and engaged.
"More profiles of our new Board and support Team Members to follow in the weeks to come"
Weekly Duties / Meeting Responsibilities
Going forward we will publish the duty roster 3 weeks in advance. Hopefully this will give members plenty of time to find a replacement should they be unable to attend on a said date. 
Please remember that if you are unable to attend and undertake the duty responsibility, it is up yo you to find a replacement. Please note that the replacement can not be the Rotarian scheduled for "Standby".  This duty is used on the day should another scheduled individual fail to show at the last minute.
Snapchat - An Inspirational Story
Included in the Responsibilities list from next week - you will note the addition of a duty titled "Snapchat - An Inspirational Story"!
Keeping in line with this years Rotary Tag Line, our new President has requested this be included. This just needs to be a 1 - 2 minute recap of a recent inspirational moment you have experienced or witnessed.
Our Club – Moving Forward
Last week, President Allan Smith hosted his first meeting. He arranged for Assistant Governor (AG) Pam Clarke to facilitate a “discussion” meeting where members were invited to talk about all aspects of St John’s Rotary Club “moving forward”. (Thanks Pam for your great work leading this very productive meeting).  Five topics were quickly established and agreed for discussion.
  1. Meeting Programme
  2. Projects
  3. Funding
  4. Membership
  5. Social
Due to time constraint, only the first four topics were covered. President-Elect Robyn and Bulletin co-editor Alan Mayne, worked as scribes for the meeting and recorded the following main points.  Click Read More for a recap on what is important to us…
Sergeants  Fund
In the last Rotary year, our Sergeants sessions raised nearly $6,000 for the Sunshine Fund!!
During the year, donations from the fund have gone towards helping the following charities and organisations;
RYLA Alumni Association
Middlemore Junior Doctors
Emergency Response Kits
Glen Taylor School
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Cure Kids
Pt. England School
Maia Amai
Forest & Bird
Rotary Foundation - Polio donation
GI Food Bank
St. Pius School
Second Step NZ
RSA Auckland
Remember, if you have a good story (a good harmless story), about one of your fellow Rotarians, don't forget to Dob them in and let the Sergeant know the story - all funds collected by the Sergeant go to very worthwhile local causes!!
Rotary Facts - Did you know?

The Rotary Four-Way Test was created by Rotarian Herbert J. Taylor in 1932 and was adopted by Rotary in 1943.

“Of the things we think, say or do”:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?”
All members - only 5 minutes is needed but important
This /       
or this
which would you prefer?
As members of this wonderfully vibrant Rotary club we need to know each other and we need to be able to EASILY communicate with each other.  To find out how ...
Every Club Project and Event Must Be Doing This!
Every project the club does or event it holds is important and for every one of these we want to succeed to its maximum potential. It is a strange thing, but this does not happen if we do not tell people about these club activities, yet it is so easy to do so.
So, for EVERY project and event, no matter how small or big, MUST go onto the club calendar in the website. There are two options depending on complexity that need to be done:
Now you’ve got this far, it’s time for a smile
A man is walking along St. Heliers beach when he comes across a lamp partially buried in the sand. He picks up the lamp and gives it a rub. A genie appears and tells him he will grant one wish. The man thinks for a moment and finally answers.
                "I want to live forever," he requests.
                "Sorry," says the genie, "I'm not allowed to grant eternal life."
                "OK, then, I want to die after the government balances the budget and eliminates the debt.
                "You crafty little so and so," says the Genie

Club Contacts

President:  Allan Smith 021 959397
Secretary, Treasurer:  Alex Gatt  021 571722
Apologies:  Alex Gatt -
President Elect:  Robyn Ingram -
Sergeant Major:  Michelle Forman
Club Services Director: Brian Fergus -
Bulletin Editors:  Pete Walsh & Alan Mayne -
Membership Director:  Robyn Ingram
Our Meetings
We meet Thursday for breakfast at 7 am for 7.15 am start,
except for the first Thursday of the month,
when we meet in the evening at 6 pm for dinner.
Remuera Golf Club
120 Abbotts Way, Remuera, Auckland, 1072
New Zealand 
All Rotarian's are welcome including family members.
Others wanting to visit are most welcome to contact:
Next meeting: 
Thursday 21 June 2018
Morning: 7:15am for 7:30am
Meeting Responsibilities
21st June 2018
Set Up
Goodman, Roger
Robertson, Andrew
Harris, Lesley
Stichbury, Glen
Thanks Close
McGarry, Penny
Speaker Host
Fergus, Brian
28 June 2018
Set Up
Robinson, Neil
Herlihy, Chris
Russell, Hugh Scott
Robinson, Nigel
Snapchat - An Inspirational Story
Bell, Patrick
Speaker Host
Mann, Michele
Thanks Close
Boyd, Lynette
5th July 2018
Robinson, Colin
Robinson, Beryl
Stephens, Helen
Fabian, Graham
Snapchat - An Inspirational Story
Jones, Simon
Speaker Host
Tedcastle, Isabella
Thanks /Close
Forman, Michelle
Jun 21, 2018
Rotoroa Island
Jun 28, 2018
Jul 05, 2018
Hearing Dogs NZ
Jul 12, 2018
Aug 02, 2018
Aug 09, 2018
Aug 16, 2018
In Conversation with the District Governor
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Upcoming Events
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award - Camp)
Jun 30, 2018 – Jul 07, 2018
Did you join Rotary to do good things in the community?
You can help or join in all projects (whatever the committee), just contact the committee director and/or project team leader.  In most cases, you can include family and friends. 
Enjoy your Rotary:  Be an active Rotarian
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