President's Message
The cry for “help” is heard in many ways but nothing more so when a child is in distress.  Sometimes we ignore or not quite believe what we are hearing, and hindsight is certainly a reminder to be more inquisitive.  This was a message that members were shared from our guest speaker Leeanne Ryburn from the Help Trust. This trust was established by Bill Daniels some 30 yrs. ago.  Bill was a Police Surgeon and saw the need to not only give victims greater support but also educate more in the community.  I knew Bill from my policing days and from close experience have seen him look after victims as they went through the process.  Leeanne also shared her own personal story which was a reminder that the cry for Help should be listened to.  Many thanks Leeanne for such an open presentation and I am sure that members certainly took note.
Committees now released: (See "Read More" under Story "Combined Committee Meeting," below.
We have made changes so that the numbers in each committee are smaller and engagement with your Director should be easily available.  Our 1st committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday 19th July as part of our normal programme. Your Directors will be in touch to remind you that you are part of their team.
Your Directors are:
Club Services                                      Brian Fergus
Community Local                                Miles Cain
Community International                     Donald Bowie
Youth Services-Projects                     Annie Tyson
Youth Services- Vocational                Hugh Scott-Russell
Environment & Science                      Nick Goddard
Alongside these we have:
Special Projects                                Mark Hillman
Interact Co-ordinator                         Megan Gallagher
Membership                                      Robyn Ingram
We look forward to your project ideas and get them into the Calendar.
Kindest regards
President – Rotary St Johns
021 959 397
Breakfast Meeting - June 28th 2018
President Allan chaired the meeting and gave all present a good update on how he would like to see more member involvement within the Club.  For example he has allocated each club member to one of the numerous Committees.  Committee Directors will be encouraged to meet with their teams at least once a month and then report back to the club on a regular basis.  
SNAP CHAT:  This week the immaculate Patrick Bell shared his career journey starting with his own printing business which he ended up selling some 2 years ago followed by his present role in the Relocation Industry.  Patrick would welcome contact from any Club member faced with shifting house!  He has found life is challenging when shifting from one industry to another, and now feels his life is the better for the change which he has found inspirational.
SACRED HEART COLLEGE:  Also present at our Breakfast Meeting were Five boys from Sacred Heart College who had recently spent a week in a Leadership Camp sponsored by our Club.  Dressed in their smart school uniforms they expressed their appreciation for the Club’s support.  Each had developed as a leader in their community and were inspired to make the “right choices” by becoming more confident in themselves.  It was really a great pleasure to get their feedback which certainly justified the financial support made available from the Club.
LEANNE RYEBURN:  As President Allan has noted in his message, our Guest Speaker this week was Leanne Ryeburn who spoke about her role as CEO of HELP, an organisation which provides a safety education program for children aged 3-5 year olds, their parents and caregivers, working towards the prevention of sexual abuse in our community.  Her focus is on children from solo parents and poorer families.  Leanne spoke of the lifetime trauma resulting from sexual abuse in young children.  “HELP” has a 24 hour Help Line where Councillors are members of the community  who bring balance to the support for callers. HELP receives in excess of 12,000 calls per year and is in regular contact with Police.   Leanne’s talk left us all in a deeply reflective mood, coming to grips with the scale of sexual abuse and assault that exists in the community we all live in.
Meet your new St. Johns Rotary Board & Support Team
This week we profile Hugh Scott-Russell, Aubrey Richardson-Jones, Michelle Foreman and Mark Hillman
Aubrey Richardson-Jones - Official Paparazzi
Aubrey served as President of our Club in 1993 / 94 and he has subsequently held directorships of all the committees – International, Community, Vocational and Youth, Club Service Director twice over the years, Secretary 2000 / 2001 and Bulletin Editor 2012 / 13.  There have also been numerous other Club Achievements recorded over the years and in recognition of his efforts one of the many recognitions has been the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellow.
Aubrey really enjoys the opportunities that Rotary offers to be involved in projects such as; Teacher house building on Taveuni Island, Fiji and how many people get the opportunity to DRIVE all over Motutapu and Rangitoto Islands, which assisting with RYLA!
This coming year sees Aubrey appointed as Club Photographer, or more accurately OFFICIAL PAPARAZZI.  He is a member of the Science and Environment Committee and intends to take all the opportunities the committee offers and help where ever help is needed and he can assist.
Outside of Rotary his interests lie in his work as Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation contractor, family, travel, recreational cycling, carpentry and repurposing unwanted waste goods, demolition materials etc., into designer furniture, tables, lamps and so forth….and he still has time for Rotary!!
Hugh Scott-Russell / Director  Youth Services Vocational
Hugh joined St Johns Rotary last year and this year he has immediately stepped up by taking on the role of Director – Youth Services Vocational.
Hugh’s key interests outside Rotary are; Remote controlled aircraft, (be careful flying over Kevin’s house!!!!), walking the dog and keeping Jackie happy.  (Jackie is Mrs S R.)
This year - As Hugh is relatively new to Rotary and this is his first board position, he is hoping to learn more about how Rotary operates so that we can maximise the benefit to the community and our projects…..and very importantly - also have some fun doing it!
Michelle Forman - Sergeant Major
I kept hearing from my great buddy Robyn, how wonderful St Johns Rotary was, and that I should consider joining.  Two and a half years later, well here I am, having joined up in March 2016.
I have been involved with various activities of the club from day one and this year I am Sergeant Major and accordingly I will be trying to extract money from my fellow Rotarians, funds going to the Sunshine Fund.  This year I will also be organising some social events so if you have any ideas that I can add to my list, please let me know.
I work at Edmund Hillary Retirement Village as the Village Co-ordinator, and other than work and Rotary, I love being in the outdoors enjoying the odd hike, but you can also find me at the local gym in the early hours.  Almost forgot, I have 3 wonderful adult children, one who recently got married, one down, 2 to go!  Looking forward to a great year, being involved with a great club.
Mark Hillman - Speakers & Special Projects
Mark has been a member of our club since 2011.  He is currently Secretary of St Johns Rotary Charitable Trust and this year also takes on the role of “Special Projects” and “Speaker Orginiser”, in conjunction with Brian Fergus.
Outside Rotary Marks key interests are family, boating, tramping, and diving.
This year he is looking forward to continuing to contribute and deliver charitable efforts both within the St Johns community and international area.
Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve Clean Up Excitement Builds

Tahuna Torea is a beautiful nature reserve and wetland (salt marsh and freshwater habitat) in Glendowie that we do our bit to keep pristine. Bring yourself, your family and friends, rope in your neighbours and help with the clean up - it is really great fun. Open to all.

The Environment & Science Committee would like to invite you to join us for the Tahuna Torea Nature Reserve clean up next Sunday, 8th July.

Start time is 9am at the car park at the bottom of West Tamaki Road. Gloves and bags will be provided, bring your woolies.

If the weather is not favourable the postponement date is Sunday, July 22. Queries to Nick Goddard.

Tavenui Raffle
Sales close July 31st!
Drawn at Evening Meeting August 2nd!
Full details in flyer below!
A Reminder - Combined Committee Meetings
As per President Alan's message above  - the Board has confirmed that our first "Combined Committee" Meeting for the year, will be during our Breakfast Meeting on July 19th.
This will be the first committee meeting of the year and it is really important that we have a good turnout to ensure good discussions on the direction of each committee over the next 12 months.
Weekly Duties / Meeting Responsibilities - Update!!
The story below featured in our Bulletin on June 14th.  Unfortunately not all members got to read the item as we are experiencing more and more situations where those scheduled for a duty fail to either show up or arrange for a stand-in.  All members support in this regard would be much appreciated.
"Going forward we will publish the duty roster 3 weeks in advance. Hopefully this will give members plenty of time to find a replacement should they be unable to attend on a said date. 
Please remember that if you are unable to attend and undertake the duty responsibility, it is up to you to find a replacement. Please note that the replacement can not be the Rotarian scheduled for "Standby".  This duty is used on the day should another scheduled individual fail to show at the last minute."
Rotary Facts - Did you know?

How the International Rotary President is selected?

Each year a distinguished Rotarian is selected as the worldwide President of Rotary International. The process begins two years in advance when 17 members from 34 zones comprising a nominating committee is elected from separate regions of the world. To qualify for the nominating committee, a Rotarian must have served on the RI Board of Directors and have extensive Rotary experience and substantial acquaintanceship with the world leaders of Rotary.


The nominating committee may consider all former RI directors for the presidential candidate. Members of the nominating committee and current directors are not eligible. Any Rotary club may suggest the name of a former RI director to the committee for consideration.

Any Rotary club may make an additional nomination before December 1, which must then be endorsed by one percent of all the Rotary clubs of the world, or about 250 of them. If such an event occurs, an election is held by mail ballot. If no additional nomination is presented by the clubs, the person selected by the nominating committee is declared to be the president-nominee. From that point on, that special Rotarian and spouse will spend more than a year in preparation and then a year serving the Rotarians of the world as International President.

Having read all above, it’s time for a smile
A young monk arrives at a monastery.
He is assigned to helping the other monks in copying the old canons and laws of the church, by hand.
He notices, however, that all of the monks are copying from copies, not from the original manuscript.
So, the new monk goes to the Old Abbot to question this, pointing out that if someone made even a small error in the first copy, it would never be picked up!
In fact, that error would be continued in all of the subsequent copies.
The head monk ponders
            "We have been copying from the copies for centuries, but you make a good point, my son."
He goes down into the dark caves underneath the monastery where the original manuscripts are held as archives in a locked vault that hasn't been opened for hundreds of years.
Hours go by and nobody sees the Old Abbot.
The young monk gets worried, so he goes down to look for him.
He sees the Abbot banging his head against the wall and wailing.
            "We missed the   R! We missed the   R! We missed the bloody   R!"
His forehead is all bloody and bruised and he is crying uncontrollably.
The young monk rushed over to him
            "What's wrong, father?" he asks
With a choking voice, the old Abbot replies,
            "The word was ... CELEBRATE!"

Club Contacts

President:  Allan Smith 021 959397
Secretary, Treasurer:  Alex Gatt  021 571722
Apologies:  Alex Gatt -
President Elect:  Robyn Ingram -
Sergeant Major:  Michelle Forman
Club Services Director: Brian Fergus -
Bulletin Editors:  Pete Walsh & Alan Mayne -
Membership Director:  Robyn Ingram
Our Meetings
We meet Thursday for breakfast at 7 am for 7.15 am start,
except for the first Thursday of the month,
when we meet in the evening at 6 pm for dinner.
Remuera Golf Club
120 Abbotts Way, Remuera, Auckland, 1072
New Zealand 
All Rotarian's are welcome including family members.
Others wanting to visit are most welcome to contact:
Next meeting: 
Thursday 5th July 2018
Evening: 6:00 pm for 6:30 pm
Meeting Responsibilities
5th July 2018
Setup / Set Down
Kevany, Kevin
Francis, Andy
Stephens, Helen
Fabian, Graham
Speaker Host
Fergus, Brian
Thanks /Close
Gunn, Liz
12 July
Setup / Set Down
Bell, Patrick
Hillman, Mark
Mayne, Alan
Hogg, Janice
Snapchat - An Inspirational Story
Jones, Simon
Speaker Host
Ingram, Robyn
Thanks Close
Gerrard, Tricia
19th July 2018
Cornaga, John
Cain, Miles
Jolliffe, Cheri
Bowie, Donald
Thanks Close
Buchanan, Peter
Jul 05, 2018
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Jul 12, 2018
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Upcoming Events
RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award - Camp)
Jun 30, 2018 – Jul 07, 2018
Taveuni Holiday Raffle
Aroha Taveuni Beach Front Bures
Jul 01, 2018 – Jul 31, 2018
Tahuna Torea Nature Researve Clean Up
Bottom West Tamaki Road
Jul 08, 2018 9:02 AM
Combined Committees
Jul 19, 2018
Did you join Rotary to do good things in the community?
You can help or join in all projects (whatever the committee), just contact the committee director and/or project team leader.  In most cases, you can include family and friends. 
Enjoy your Rotary:  Be an active Rotarian
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