2018-2019 Club Board and Support Team
This page will be added to until complete as bios appear in the club Bulletin
The following are the St Johns Rotary Board and club Support Team for the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  This brief bio includes their intentions for the year ahead.  Each can be contacted via the club member list or, for non-members, by calling 0800 4 ROTARY and asking for St Johns Rotary President, Auckland, District 9920
ALLAN SMITH - President
Allan has spent the past 18 years establishing and growing a successful business in the health and disability sector.  Called ‘accessible’ the company manages government contracts to provide equipment, housing alterations and vehicle modifications for people with a disability.  In retiring shortly Allan has an inspiration to contribute back to the community in several ways.
His company’s motto is “empowering people to make a difference” and this is a sentiment Allan brings with him to Rotary St Johns.
As a board member of several community and sporting organisations, Allan enjoys working towards their success and actively participating to assist in their future growth and development.
In his spare time Allan loves to travel and visit new places and enjoys fishing and relaxing with family.
ALEX GATT - Secretary and Treasurer
Member of St Johns Rotary since February 2012.  Appointed Treasurer in 2012 and since 2015 have held both Treasurer and Secretary position.
Key interests outside Rotary include; Family, Squash and sport in general.
This year I hope to see a more robust club with the existing membership base taking us forward.
ROBYN INGRAM - President Elect and Membership Director
I have been a member of St Johns Rotary since November 2013. In the last 4.5 years I have been;  Sergeant 2015-16, Youth Director 2017-18 and in the current Rotary year, Membership Director and President Elect.
My Key Interests outside Rotary are my work as Clinic Administrator for a specialist APD (Auditory Processing Disorder), Family and supporting / nurturing Youth.
As Membership Director, what would I like to achieve for St Johns Rotary over the next 12 months is to freshen up our membership communications and actively engage with current and new members to look at and act on ways to keep meeting attendance high and vibrant. At District level I will be the new Inbound Coordinator for our Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) District Committee, so will be actively working with this year’s Inbounds and generally promoting RYE. I also look forward to working closely with President-Allan as his President Elect.
ANNIE TYSON - Youth Services Director
I have been a member of St Johns Rotary since May 2016.  Over the last 2 years I have been Bulletin Editor and now the new Youth Director for the 2018/19 Rotary year.

My main Interests outside Rotary are my work as Clinical Services Manager at Edmund Hillary Retirement Village, a position I have held since May 2014.  Prior to this I have held a variety of senior leadership roles in nursing and operational management and come from a strong DHB and NGO background. 
Auckland has always been my home and it is fantastic to be able to work in my local area.  Apart from being a keen foodie, my family and I love to travel and spend time at the Bach in the Bay of Islands. 

As Youth Director, I would like to achieve for St Johns Rotary over the next 12 months is to expand and promote the many youth orientated programmes and ensure that the members championing their particular club activity are actively supported across the youth services functions. I look forward to working closely with Hugh Scott-Russell Youth Director for Vocation and Education.
PETER BUCHANNAN - Immediate Past President
My first contact with St Johns Rotary was in 2013 when I hosted a club vocational visit at my work place organised by David Stone; I subsequently joined Rotary in Oct 2013.  In 2014/15, I prepared the Bulletin (pre-Clubrunner), and was president 2017/18.
Outside Rotary, I am a research scientist, employed by Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research to study NZ's biodiversity, especially NZ's fungi. My research interests thus include biodiversity, biosecurity, and conservation. Roseanne and I have 2 children, and live in Epsom. I am keen on classic yacht sailing, travel, jazz music, awareness-raising about conservation, climate change, and fungi, science education, and humanitarian assistance. 
In the coming Rotary year, I plan to contribute especially to the Science & Environment Committee led by Nick, including restoration work on Motutapu Is. and coordinating at District level the science education initiatives of the Eureka competition and the National Science Forum.  I also hope to contribute to fund-raising through piloting public engagement in a game using a smart phone app - similar to the Ramble event organised by Rotary in Perth, WA.
GARY KEY - Rotary Foundation Director
I joined St Johns Rotary in Dec 1992, nearly 26 years ago and I haven't changed at all!  During this time I have held a variety of Board Positions.  My key interests outside Rotary include, Travel, Sailing and Rugby.
Over the next 12 months I would like to see all members being proactive and engaged.
HUGH SCOTT-RUSSELL - Youth Services - Vocational
Hugh joined St Johns Rotary last year and this year he has immediately stepped up by taking on the role of Director – Youth Services Vocational.
Hugh’s key interests outside Rotary are; Remote controlled aircraft, (be careful flying over Kevin’s house!!!!), walking the dog and keeping Jackie happy.  (Jackie is Mrs S R.)
This year - As Hugh is relatively new to Rotary and this is his first board position, he is hoping to learn more about how Rotary operates so that we can maximise the benefit to the community and our projects…..and very importantly - also have some fun doing it!
MEGAN GALLAGHER - Interact Coordinator
I have been in the Rotary family for a decade joining Rotaract in 2018.
I have been part of 3 Rotaract clubs and now St. Johns Rotary. 
I have held multiple positions within the Rotaract clubs including DRR for 9920.  My main interest which encompasses Rotary is sustainability at the community, environmental and economic level.  Over the next 12 months I hope that the Interact Club will become more closely associated with Rotary as well as taking the lead on some impactful local initiatives
AINIE KWOK - Educational Support
Ainie Joined St. Johns Rotary in March 2013.  She coordinated Speakers' program for 2 years and was President 2016/2017.  She is now a member of the District Youth Leadership team as deputy chair and oversee the RYPEN and INTERACT programs.
Her business is in Christchurch and she travel to Christchurch every 10 days for work and to visit her 2 children studying at Canterbury University. She is regular visitor at Rotary Club of Christchurch City Sunrise.
Outside Rotary Ainie is a keen athlete and practices running meditation or chi running.  She is also an avid reader of nonfiction books and loves to cook for the family.  Ainie has been married to Eugene for 30 years.
Her goal with St. Johns Rotary this year is to "save the world".
MILES CAIN - Local Community Director
I was coerced to join the club by David Stone & Peter Boshier 15 years ago and have never looked back with any regrets.  Over my course of time I have filled most roles within the club culminating being President in 2012.  During that year I introduced the Stonefields Community Fair which was run for a number of years in partnership with Stonefields School.  In 2015 when our club was given RYLA to run I put my hand up as Chairman of the organising committee.  This was very time consuming but thoroughly rewarding experience .  There is an old saying that is so true - “you get out of Rotary what you put in” and this for me has been the case.
When I got the passion to go overseas and help Habitat for Humanity build houses and change lives I invited anyone from the club to join me.  Gary Key put his hand up the first time and now coming up 5 builds later, we have had many St Johns Rrotarians participate.
Since retiring as a Chemical Engineer 4 years ago, I have enjoyed travel and being an odd job man around our community.  It keeps the brain and body active.  In my spare time (what is that?) I have been seen on the golf course and still do the odd spot of fishing, albeit less frequent since I sold my launch.
This Rotary year I am your Community Director - Local, and I am looking forward to an enthusiastic group to work with. 
Remember no idea is a useless idea, so let our committee plan to make a difference in our community.
PS - It also needs to be stated, that Miles has bribed the Editor in allowing for Milo's fish photo bigger than anyone else's!!
DONALD BOWIE - International Community Director
I  joined St Johns Rotary in 2010.
This year will be my first year on the Board as Community International Director.
My key interests outside Rotary, includes working with charities such as MS Society & Dove House.

This year I am looking forward to having a high performing team deliver a range of international service projects which benefit places like Taveuni, and contribute to special projects as requested”
BRIAN FERGUS - Club Service Director
I have been a member of Rotary and our club since 2016 and held the position of Club Services Director last year as well as for the new Rotary year.    Outside of Rotary my interests revolve around horseracing.
This year I would like to see the Club do more local community activities.
PETER WALSH - Bulletin Co-Editor + Social Media
I have been a member of St John’s Rotary for close on 11 years having been introduced to the Club by our good friends, Nigel & Janet Robinson.  Since joining I have been Director Youth and twice Director Club Services.  In the years when not on the Board I have remained an active member.  I am currently a Trustee of St John’s Rotary Inc. and co-editor, (along with Alan Mayne), of the weekly Club Bulletin. 
Outside Rotary my interests revolve very much around family, including six delightful Grand-kids, walking, gardening and an array of sports although most of these are normally watched comfortably in front of Sky Sports, apart from the very occasional game of golf which is in need of lots of improvement!
This year I will remain an active member and Trustee and would very much like to see the readership of the Bulletin well above the level of around 50% where it currently sits.
ALAN MAYNE - Bulletin Co-Editor
I joined the Rotary Club of St Johns Inc, after investigating a number of Rotary Clubs in the Central / Eastern part of Auckland.  St John’s stood out as a Club which was active in it’s community while creating a special vibrancy within the Club and it’s members.

I was introduced to the Club by Christie Rutherford, a long time friend and Old Boy of Waitaki Boys High School in Oamaru, and inducted into the Club by the then President, Brian Gibbs, who along with Gary Key, Peter Boshier, and John Hackett provided strong leadership and direction to the Club and it’s members.  After joining the Club in early 2004, 
I spent time assisting in the setting up and progress of the Tamaki Pathways Trust and the setting up of the On You Foundation Trust aimed at reducing Obesity and Diabetes in at risk communities.
I value my membership of the Club through attending regular weekly meetings, which provides a wide range of excellent speakers on matters effecting both our local and national communities.  Also my membership enables me to build trusting relationships with other members of the Club.
I kept hearing from my great buddy Robyn, how wonderful St Johns Rotary was, and that I should consider joining.  Two and a half years later, well here I am, having joined up in March 2016.
I have been involved with various activities of the club from day one and this year I am Sergeant Major and accordingly I will be trying to extract money from my fellow Rotarians, funds going to the Sunshine Fund.  This year I will also be organising some social events so if you have any ideas that I can add to my list, please let me know.
I work at Edmund Hillary Retirement Village as the Village Co-ordinator, and other than work and Rotary, I love being in the outdoors enjoying the odd hike, but you can also find me at the local gym in the early hours.  Almost forgot, I have 3 wonderful adult children, one who recently got married, one down, 2 to go!  Looking forward to a great year, being involved with a great club.
COLIN ROBINSON - Club Webmaster
Colin was a Charter member of Rotary St. Johns in 1989.  His first club position was Vocational Director in 1989 and since then he has held a significant number of roles including President in 2009 / 2010. This year he is St Johns Club Runner and Website Master.
Colin has also been incredibly active at a District level since he joined Rotary, including two years as Assistant Governor.  His key interests outside Rotary, (when he has time), include; Boating in general, Senior crew with Auckland Coastguard Search and Rescue (Lion Foundation Rescue) – 17 years’ service, Amateur Radio – licenced since 1985 and Travel.
In the new Rotary year, Colin intends to finalise development and education in the use of the website as a practical tool for all club members to use to save time and increase their effectiveness in doing their roles and projects and to be a ‘go-to’ person for accessing Rotary website resources.
MARK HILLAN - Speakers and Special Projects
Mark has been a member of our club since 2011.  He is currently Secretary of St Johns Rotary Charitable Trust and this year also takes on the role of “Special Projects” and “Speaker Orginiser”, in conjunction with Brian Fergus.
Outside Rotary Marks key interests are family, boating, tramping, and diving.
This year he is looking forward to continuing to contribute and deliver charitable efforts both within the St Johns community and international area.
Aubrey served as President of our Club in 1993 / 94 and he has subsequently held directorships of all the committees – International, Community, Vocational and Youth, Club Service Director twice over the years, Secretary 2000 / 2001 and Bulletin Editor 2012 / 13.  There have also been numerous other Club Achievements recorded over the years and in recognition of his efforts one of the many recognitions has been the awarding of a Paul Harris Fellow.
Aubrey really enjoys the opportunities that Rotary offers to be involved in projects such as; Teacher house building on Taveuni Island, Fiji and how many people get the opportunity to DRIVE all over Motutapu and Rangitoto Islands, which assisting with RYLA!
This coming year sees Aubrey appointed as Club Photographer, or more accurately OFFICIAL PAPARAZZI.  He is a member of the Science and Environment Committee and intends to take all the opportunities the committee offers and help where ever help is needed and he can assist.
Outside of Rotary his interests lie in his work as Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation contractor, family, travel, recreational cycling, carpentry and repurposing unwanted waste goods, demolition materials etc., into designer furniture, tables, lamps and so forth….and he still has time for Rotary!!