Dec 10, 2020 7:00 AM
Brown Buttabean - aka David Letele
Fitness Motivator and Life Coach fighting obesity

He is known in the Auckland community as the Brown Buttabean, a fitness motivator and life coach for many Pacific people struggling with their weight and fitness.

Samoan David Letele is also a boxer who changed his life by shedding 100 kilos.

He has been motivating hundreds of others to follow his lead and as a result is changing people's lives via health and fitness bootcamps known as Buttabean Motivation.

Mr Letele says he just wants to reverse the alarming statistics among Pacific people suffering from high blood pressure and facing a higher risk of stroke, diabetes and heart disease.

He has thousands of followers on social media hand he is motivated to give people a second chance to get healthier and live longer.

David's organisation is currently working with our member Chris Herlihy (Headmaster of Glen Taylor School) on a two-day programme to offer within the local cluster of Primary Schools. Come and join us for our final meeting of the year to hear this great speaker and find out how we can help support our local primary schools with another great initiative.

In lieu of a $10 Secret Santa, we challenge all members to bring along a Christmas donation of non-perishable foodbank items, which will be given to our speaker to use in his foodbank service (another initiative offered through his BBM Program).