Aug 30, 2021 5:30 PM
DEFERRED until after lockdown
Joint meet with RC Remuera - Speaker Allie Mooney 'Pressing the Right Buttons'


Ever wondered why you instantly ‘click’ with some people and feel as though you have been friends for life, yet there are some who can rub you up the wrong way – sometimes before they even open their mouth!

Ever given thought to how you could get on better with the people you work with?

What about that person you share a life with today is actually the same person you married?

And then there is the kids – even though they have been raised in the same home – can be so completely different?

 Every day the roads are filled with different people heading in different directions with different goals in mind, yet all of us drive smoothly along with few mishaps because we all understand some common laws: we stop at stop signs and red lights, we go on green, and we try to follow the speed limit.

However in our relationships, both in the workplace and at home, we seem to have a few more bumps. We wish we could straighten out all those other people – those very same people who want to straighten us out!

Regardless of your upbringing, genetics or circumstances the key is knowing and understanding our differences.

Come for a fun and entertaining evening with New Zealand’s most acclaimed professional award winning speaker Allison Mooney. You will discover specific keys can enhance your life. And you will see how to truly enrich the partnerships with workmates your  family,  and all of those you come in contact with – all in a simple, unique and fun way.

Combining the Rotary Club of Remuera, this meeting will be at their Club:  Carlton Cornwall Bowling Club, 126 Market Rd, Epsom.  RSVP's essentail and to Robyn please: