Where does one start when reporting on the St. Johns Rotary Club 2021 Change-over?  It's not easy with so many highlights, but we will give it a go anyway.
Attended by 53 people, 32 Members and 21 Guests / Partners, at the Glendowie Bowling Club, the fun commenced at 4.45pm, with a few keen wanabe bowlers out on the green trying their hand at Lawn Bowls under the watchful eye of our DG Elect Allan and Auckland Representative bowler, wife Sue.  Although there was the odd good bowl bowled, most were very, very average, except of course the "Cross Green Bowl Off", which was won by none other than aspiring bowler, Dr. Peter Buchanan.
The formalities commenced around 6.30pm with President, (now IPP) Hugh, thanking all Club members for their support and efforts throughout the year.  His comments were enhanced by an excellent slide-presentation put together by none other than our own Social Media Guru, Colin R.  You are able to access the slide show via this link; https://youtu.be/nmhSzKl-BfI.
Historically the outgoing President acknowledges the efforts of his or her Board, with a small gift of some sort.  Well, as Hugh is known to do, he treated us to something quite different, with a "Virus" themed presentation which was innovative, humorous and meaningful.  Full descriptions of the individual Virus definitions as penned by Hugh, can be seen by clicking on "Read More", at the end of this story.  
As each of Hugh's leadership team received their Virus based acknowledgement, they also received a delicious box full of chocolates and candy and this photo of PP Robyn speaks of the excitement felt on receipt of the gift by all the recipients!! 
President Hugh then introduced our newest Honorary Member, John Cornaga.  John recently resigned from the Club after a very involved 25 years as a member and the Honorary nomination was a unanimous vote by the Board.  Congratulation John, well deserved.

President Hugh then surprised three members of the club  with a Paul Harris Fellowship Award each for outstanding and substantial contribution to Rotary International and specifically to St Johns Rotary.  These went to Robyn Ingram, Peter Walsh and Gary Key.  Gary's award was his second Paul Harris Fellow making him a Sapphire recipient.  
Following dinner a very relieved President Hugh introduced Penny and Lesley, (The Twins), as our new Co-Presidents, and thanked them both for stepping up to the challenge.   He then presented them with the Chain of Office which they will share throughout the year.
In response. in their inaugural speech, they thanked Hugh for his leadership over the past 12 months and acknowledged that the club is in very good spirits and as first time "Co-Presidents", they are looking forward to carrying on the good work. 

The new presidents reminded the members of the Rotary International motto for the year, "We Serve to Change Lives", and that locally we need to be mindful of this, and being Rotarians comes with some inherent commitments and we need to feel good by doing good in our community".  The new leadership team were then introduced - see next story for details.
Prior to letting Hugh sit down and "relax" the Twins final duty of the night was to present Hugh with his Presidential Caricature. 
Courtesy of our celebrated photographer Candid Kev, there were many photos taken of the evening and some of these can be seen by clicking on "Read More" below, following the "Virus" descriptions. 
The following are the actual virus descriptions as determined by outgoing President Hugh;  (Scroll down further to see the collection of photos from the night!! )
  1. His spike proteins are as green as his intentions – Peter B
  1. Her role is to care for others and hence her specific mutation clones the colours of the Red Cross – Michelle
  1. His mutation is as black and white as a balance sheet – Alex
  1. They have mutated to only have protein spikes on one side so that they can only be truly effective when joined together, some would suggest codependency!  - Penny and Lesley
  1. Her mutation is as lovely as a English Rose, but watch out for her dark red protein spikes – Muriel
  1. His mutation is the colour of Facebook and his protein spikes are obviously rotary yellow – Colin
  1. Due to his prowess on the golf course some of his protein spikes have mutated into Golf Tees - David
  1. His protein spikes are slowly emerging as he gets more and more involved with Rotary – John
  1. His mutation turns the victim into a strategic networker with the effectiveness of the Deathstar – Gary
  1. Her mutation is torn between the sea and the snowy mountains. Her spikes are as colorful as her personality – Robyn
  1. His mutation does not have protein spikes because he is such a good guy  - Peter W
  1. His mutation  is his favorite colour and the protein spikes are a chaotic burst of colour which match his outbursts at breakfast – Murray
  1. His virus has cloned with the Hendra Virus after dressing as a horse way to often – Aubrey
  1. His mutation is as white as the driven snow but his protein spikes are  white hot daggers – Kevin
  1. His mutation is Teflon coated with no protein spikes so that no requirements ever stick to him - Hugh
Candid Kev's Photo Album: