Candid Kev shot some good pictures last week - did he catch you?  Click on "Read More" below to see new additions to Kev's Candid Photo Album.
Revised Edition to hopefully include Kev's Candid Photos which seem to have dropped out of the original Bulletin Dated June 7th.
Fingers crossed that these pictures travel to you;
Now listen up Brian - I'm not joking.
Brian - I'm not telling you again, now I will tell that policeman over there that you did it!
Look at all those men over there - they are getting ready to be part of a "line-up".
Are you sure that I don't have to also join in on the Line-Up?
I think that we are in the clear, he seems focused on those other blokes for the line-up.  Just keep smiling and don't look at the policeman.
My hand just isn't big enough tp hide behind - do you think that he has seen me?
Are you serious - I still have two meetings to go!!!