The St. Johns Rotary Board & Support Team 2021 / 2022

Last Friday at Change-over, our new Presidents', Penny and Lesley, or better known as “The Twins”, announced their Board and Support team for the new Rotary year, and what a great looking team they are!

To remind you, the following are the position;

Co-President: Penny McGarry
















Co-President: Leslie Harris













IPP and Co-Director Community: Hugh Scott-Russell



















Co-Director Community: John Lewisham



















Director Club Services: Robyn Ingram

















Director Foundation: Gary Key















Treasurer & Secretary: Alex Gatt

















Director Science, Technology & Education: Peter Buchanan















Director Youth: Tom Street















Co-President Elect: Graham Fabian










Co-President Elect: Gary Key
















Supporting the Presidents and their Board will be;

Bulletin Editor: Peter Walsh

Membership: Beryl Robinson

Photographer: Kevin Kevany

Sergeants and Club Fellowship Team: Michelle Foreman, Angus McPhee and Cheri Jolliffe.

The 2021 2022 Leadership Team: