The last meeting of Trustees was via Zoom on 31st August 2021.

Present:  All six trustees were in attendance - Penny McGarry, Simon Jones, Mark Hillman, Peter Walsh, Patrick Bell, Lesley Harris

Finances:  Accounts for the months of March, April, May and July were received and had been circulated to all Trustees and subsequently approved by email.  Bruce Howe has circulated the June 30 2021 End of Year Accounts to all Trustees for approval.  A Resolution was prepared to document that these accounts are approved by all Trustees.

 Grant Applications:  All received applications received since the last meeting have been approved by email.

General Business:  

a)  Great Kiwi Anzac Day Breakfast Charitable Trust has been wound up as per Michele Mann’s instructions.  Negotiations with the Auckland Museum regarding the gifting of Trust Funds are underway.  Once an agreement is reached funds will be transferred from  the RCOSJ Charitable Trust to the Museum.

b)  Retirement of Trustees;  All Trustees have been advised of the Trustee retirement and rotation clause within the Amendment of the Trust Deed.  Subject to Board approval, all Trustees will be asked to retire and those who wish, can then offer themselves up for re-election.  Some Club Members have indicated their interest in stepping up should vacancies occur following this process. The President/s are responsible for the appointing of Trustees.

This is an interim measure.  The Trust is further recommending to the Board that the rotation of Trustees rules change and this change will be presented to the members after Board approval.

Next Meeting:  December 8th 2021