The Value of the Citizens Advice Bureau Service
Jul 25, 2019
Kate Anderson
The Value of the Citizens Advice Bureau Service

Kate Anderson is General Manager of CABAC (Citizens Advice Bureau Auckland City) and has been in this role for a year.  Her previous experience in the charitable sector includes General Manager at Graeme Dingle Foundation – supporting 10 trusts across New Zealand to deliver the Foundation’s youth development programmes - and Board Member of Arthritis New Zealand.  Prior to working in the charitable sector, Kate was a lawyer, and a shareholder/director of a large national franchise.

PWC recently released their report on the value of the Citizens Advice Bureau service, which was commissioned by Wellington City Council when it had been considering reducing the service in its city.  Following the research, WCC has made a complete u-turn on its approach to the CAB service.  Kate will provide an overview of the research, as it applies to the CAB service in Auckland, and will also provide Rotary members with an understanding of how we help clients in your area. Jan Hogg, a Rotary member who is also a CAB volunteer, will join Kate and explain why she enjoys volunteering for CAB.