In case you missed our last meeting in 2020, our club member and CureKids CEO, Frances Benge gave a quick report on what she had been up to.  Here is an extract from CureKids newsletter:

On December 1, CureKids CEO, Frances Benge, launched the first 'State of Child Health in Aotearoa NZ' report in Parliament. The aim of the report is to help identify the most urgent priorities for child health research. It provides a 'snapshot' of children's' health in New Zealand and this inaugural edition focuses on the latest published data concerning three specific areas: dental disease, respiratory conditions and skin infections.

It was really fantastic to see how well the report was received by the Government, with special endorsement from the Children's Commissioner for New Zealand, Judge Andrew Becroft. The event also generated significant media coverage on the day.

We partnered with the Paediatric Society of New Zealand, the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the New Zealand Child and Youth Epidemiology Service (NZCYES) at the University of Otago to prepare the report. Looking ahead, we will publish this report on an annual basis, working together with our partners, to further identify other urgent priorities for child health research.  Click here to read the report.  Your fellow club members are very proud of your efforts Frances.