Posted on Apr 04, 2017
This is a small update for Rotary members to track Onja's progress. I intend to send one out every few months, detailing our progress and key challenges. 
Key Progress: 
  • I presented at 5 rotary clubs in New Zealand over the past couple of months, and am now a member of the st Johns club! 
  • We are now working towards an international rotary grant through the st Johns club. Rotary New Market have quite extensive experience in creating international grants and have indicated their willingness to help out where needed. 
  • I spoke about Onja at my local church too, and a professional videographer who heard me speak offered to help. He made a this short video to supplement the crowdfunding video:
  • We've almost completed a 25 page proposal that we can serve as a base for the international grant proposal, and for information for donors.
  • I had a little bit of time off in New Zealand, and managed to go surfing once a week or so!
Key Challenges: 
  • I've just landed in San Francisco, the idea being to continue fundraising here. I'm hoping to speak at rotary clubs and also talk with companies, and individual donors. I have very little in the way of connections to kick this process off. Simon Jones is working on a connection through rotary, but if anyone else has any personal connections to rotarians, or other people around San Francisco who might just be a lead to something then please let me know!
Many thanks to you all,