The team of Gary, Beryl and Colin promoted St Johns Rotary to the community at the Orakei Volunteer Expo last Saturday (17 September 2022), and came away with 20 high quality leads for Beryl to follow up and convert into future volunteers or even, members, so if you see visitors to our meetings in the coming weeks please make their experience a memorable one as usual. 
The stand was at the end of a row and while the pictures make it look a bit 'lonely' we actually think our position was perfect and we got a good number of people stopping. Also present were Auckland East, Remuera and Ellerelie Sunrise Rotary along with about 45 other volunteer organizations all seeking more volunteers or members.  Overall we did better than most with our immediate offer of the Omaru Stream clean-up next weekend and the upcoming Quiz. 
Also there was Margaret in her Orakei Board role, but huge kudos to her for wearing a St Johns Rotary shirt ... well done Margaret!  Thanks also to Murray who called by to see if anyone needed a break.  This was the first volunteer expo and these are likely to be held bi-annually.  As you will notice, the tear drops look very smart ... we need to always use these at our projects.  If you need these for any project / event, they are held for safe keeping by Co-President Graham.