A note to the supporters of Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie.  Jo Aleh was a recipient of the clubs yachting scholarship a few years back and it is great to watch her continued success.  See also www.teamjollyracing.com 
Just a little note to say that we have just posted a bit of an account of the last few weeks, a sum up of Rio 2016, the story from our perspective.. Of what these Olympics meant for us go to: www.teamjollyracing.com
It has been a massive four years for us, a hard four years, plenty of ups and downs, and this is especially why we want to share the last few weeks with you all, what we managed to do, to come back from what we thought was the end of our second Olympic medal dream, to win the Silver.  
We want to thank you for all the support, the messages and encouragement, especially when we got a little knocked down, it is you that helped pick us back up, to fight another day...
Thank you,
Jo & Polly
Team Jolly
Jo Aleh & Polly Powrie