Posted on May 28, 2018
It's been another exciting and demanding three months. Thanks to many of you, momentum continues to build, and we take another step closer to getting the school open!
This is a three-monthly update for Rotarians involved or interested in our project, which aims to rapidly scale education and careers to talent-rich, opportunity-poor students in the world's poorest communities.
It's been another exciting and demanding three months. Thanks to many of you, momentum continues to build, and we take another step closer to getting the school open!
Key Progress
Global Grant
As many of you reading this update will know, our project currently relies on generous and committed supporters dotted around the globe. Thanks to them, we have come this far and current funds are sitting at $40,000 USD. To house, feed and educate 30 students for the first of their two years of study we need approximately $100,000. With the invaluable support of Rotary Clubs, Districts and Rotary International we believe we will get there and together offer a future to talent-rich, opportunity-poor students in a hugely sustainable programme. 
In May we requested support from Rotary Clubs and Districts in New Zealand. Rotary Districts in particular stood up and pledged their support to this project with a decisiveness and feverity I have found to be very rare. Special thanks to the from District Foundation Chairs Willard Martin from District D9920, Simon Manning from D9940, Trish Boyle from D9980 and John Rickard from D9970 for each contributing $5000 USD in District Designated funding.  The DDF funding will be absolutely crucial in helping us reach our goal. Special thanks also to the Rotary Club of St Johns, the initiator, leader and intentional host for pledging $7,200 USD, and the Rotary Club of Newmarket for their $1000 contribution. 
After submitting the grant application on the 15th of March we received feedback that we would need to collect quotes for all budgeted items and make other small modifications. Over the past couple of months we have completed these tasks and resubmitted the grant on Monday this week. We now wait for the final authorisations before the application is sent to Rotary International.
Recruitment final round
Over the past three months we've sent over 1500 letters to students in Madagascar's Toamasina region inviting them for an initial phone interview. Marcelline (above) has been putting in long hours and has conducted 300 phone interviews - and counting. She has done an excellent job in subtly probing students for their educational opportunity. In mid June we will hit the road for a month to test opportunity-poor, talent-rich students for their suitability to become great computer programmers. 
Renewing Legal Document
Every two years we need to renew our 'Accord de siege', a document which gives us authority to work in Madagascar. This is crucial to our mission. It's also a lot of work. Claire (my sister) and Mitantsoa (Our English teacher) spent over a month getting our legal documentation in order and collecting the necessary approvals. A huge thank you to Claire who volunteered for three months here in Madagacsar working tirelessly throughout. 
George Howes, an extremely talented designer and supporter of our project is designing a new website that will express our cause far more clearly and will include capability to sponsor individual students. 
Tax back
Great news. Through a partnership with the Rotary Club of St Johns, all New Zealand based donations now generate a tax credit of 33.33%. Please consider donating now at If you prefer to donate directly to our bank account (12-3027-0012777-51) be sure to email me with your address so that we can provide you with a tax-refundable receipt.
Thank you all for your ongoing support and contribution to this project. As always if you have any questions, or feedback then please reply directly to 
Sam Lucas Founder