In support of the Mental Health Foundation, an "elite" group of club members enjoyed a wine tasting hosted at the Ingram Residence on Saturday evening. Superb wines were provided by Roger Garrett who divided us into four teams and coached us through a challenging game to see which team was best at identifying each wine's country of origin, grape variety, age and alcohol content.  
The teams, aptly named:  Que Syrah Syrah; Wineskis, Wine Knot and Gewurty Old Men grew amazingly more confident as the evening progressed!  The Wineskis unexpectedly won the evening with a last minute run on the reds. 
The funds Roger makes from these special wine tastings are part of his commitment to the Kilimanjaro Challenge 2017. Roger is one of 25 individuals registered for this 12 day adventure, culminating in a climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro.  Led by Ultramarathon Runner, Mal Law (who has partnered with the Mental Health Foundation) each individual registered is set a fundraising target of $4,000. Collectively (so far) the group have raised over $100,000 for the Mental Health Foundation. Departure date for the challenge is September 13.  We look forward to hearing back from Roger on how this epic adventure goes.