Make a valued contribution to Rotary's projects
It is through the generosity of people like you, our work has made a difference in the lives of many in our local and global communities.
St Johns Rotary does have some fundraising activities each year we can always do much more with additional funds.  We have excellent stewardship of funds donated with such funds going through the Rotary Club of St Johns Charitable Trust.
While we always welcome volunteers for our projects, if you would like to contribute to these through a donation(s) please Contact us 
Internationally Rotary's charity of choice is its own Rotary Foundation.  The Rotary Foundation enables Rotary to improve communities by promoting peace, preventing disease, bolstering economic development, and providing clean water and sanitation. When you give to Rotary, you support the work we do in your community via local Rotary clubs (where they apply for TRF funds) and around the world. The Rotary Foundation is a responsible organization that uses nearly 90% of our funding for program expenses.  If you would like to contribute via this option please click on:  Give